Wanderlust Soul Searching Panel

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These are beautiful in-house printed panels and are perfect for sewing up your favorite top or sweater! Currently printed on Double Brushed Polyester fabric but if looking for other fabric types feel free to message me and see what else I have available!

In-house panels are made to order, not ready to ship and depending on turn around time can take up to 4 weeks.

Panel Sizes-

Adult- 30" x 36" (10x14)
Romper- 30"x36"(8x12)
Panty/Diaper- 20" x 24" (5x6)
Big Kid- 20" x 24" (8x12)
Little Kid- 15" x 18" (6x10)
Doll- 7" x 9" (3x5)

Panel sizes can vary an inch give or take for cutting differences.

Fiber Content: 96% Polyester/4% Lycra 

Width: 58”-62”
Weight: 180gsm
Stretch: 4way, more than 50% both ways
Instructions: Sew using stretch stitch with ballpoint needles.

Exemption Codes:
Flammability: Exempt due to plain surface over 2.6oz- 16 CFR Part 1610.1(d)(1)
Lead: Exempt due to Manufactured Fiber- 16 CFR Part 1500.91(7)(ii)

This fabric has greater than 50% stretch in both direction, is so soft to the touch and would be amazing for leggings, tops, skirts, just about anything you want to be soft on the skin and need to stretch.