Stormtrooper Watercolor Panel

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These are beautiful in-house printed panels, printed on Double Brushed Polyester fabric and ready to ship.

Panel Sizes-

Adult- 30" x 36" (10x14)
Child Romper- 30"x36"(8x12)
Panty/Diaper- 20" x 24" (5x6)
Big Kid- 20" x 24" (8x12)
Little Kid- 15" x 18" (6x10)
Doll/Baby- 7" x 9" (3x5)

Panel sizes can vary an inch give or take for cutting differences.

In-House Double Brushed Poly-
Fiber Content: 96% Polyester/4% Lycra 

Weight: 200gsm 
Stretch: 4way, more than 50% both ways 
Instructions: Sew using a stretch stitch with ballpoint needles. 

Exemption Codes: 
Flammability: Exempt due to plain surface over 2.6oz- 16 CFR Part 1610.1(d)(1) 
Lead: Exempt due to Manufactured Fiber- 16 CFR Part 1500.91(7)(ii)