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This is an exclusive Aurora Designs pre-order for solid Cotton Lycra fabric- 95% Cotton/ 5%Spandex, 10oz and 4 way greater than 50% stretch. This is for one yard, multiple yards will be consecutive.

These exclusive items go very fast and are only available for a limited time. Please keep in mind that our pre-orders are NOT ready to ship items and these will not ship for about 2-4 weeks after the closing of the pre-order. While pre-order items do require a wait time, you’re receiving your product at a fraction of the cost. Take out the middle-man and avoid paying retail prices when you take advantage of this amazing deal today!

This pre-order closes on July 15th.

Fiber Content:95% Cotton/5% Lycra
Width: 58”-62”
Weight: 10 oz 
Stretch: 4way, more than 50% both ways
Instructions: Pre-wash warm and tumble dry medium for shrinkage before sewing. Sew using a stretch stitch with ballpoint needles.
Exemption Codes:
Flammability: Exempt due to plain surface over 2.6oz- 16 CFR Part 1610.1(d)(1)
Lead: Exempt due to Natural Fiber- 16 CFR Part 1500.91(7)(i) Exempt due to Manufactured Fiber- 16 CFR Part 1500.91(7)(ii)

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