Thank you for taking the time to look at our items and get to know us a little more! This shop was born through a love of color and a love (okay, obsession lol) with fabric, born on Etsy in May of 2016 though I have been dying clothing and fabric for years and sewing since I was a little girl. Our shop specializes in Custom designed printed and hand dyed fabrics. We also offer in house printed panels and have a weekly $5 Friday sale on 5 new panel designs a week. All orders go through our site www.auroradesignfabrics.com

Please read over our policies and let us know if you have any questions. Our shop is located in beautiful Northern Idaho. Though we are on and off at all hours of the day we try to keep our business hours to Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm pacific time. When messaging the shop we will always try to get you an answer or response within 24hours.

Current Turn around-
Retail- 2 to 3 business days
In house Panels- 2 to 4 weeks
Custom Printed Fabric- 8 to 12 weeks

How should I contact the Shop?
The best way to get a hold of us is to message the business page www.facebook.com/auroradesignfabrics it is monitored by all of the admins and will get you an answer. You can also make a post to the group and the first available admin will pull up your information and try to get you answers. All posts to the group are screened for spam so do not worry any posts asking about personal orders and things like that will not be made public but it will get admin attention.

We absolutely love seeing all of the beautiful things made with our fabrics so please don't keep them to your self! Tag us in your posts and photos for a chance to win store credit in our monthly hashtag contest using
#AuroraDesignFabrics around Facebook and Instagram and posting a screenshot of it in the monthly entry post.

Help, I have an issue with my order!
Our goal is to have open communication with you and we ask that you do the same for us. Please communicate with us prior to filing complaints with outside sources. We would like to have the opportunity to resolve issues first. If you do not make an effort to communicate with us before filing complaints it could lead to removal from the group. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response to your message.

Custom Printed Fabric-
Our custom fabrics are printed on a variety of bases. Colors can differ slightly from screen to screen and base to base. While we average an 8-10-week turnaround please allow up to a 12 week turn around on customs sent out to the printers. Once receiving your fabric please look it over prior to prewashing and contact us with any flaws and or issues found immediately prior to washing. We cannot accept returns on fabric that has been washed. Digitally printed fabric can contain manufacturer flaws these may be small holes or roller marks located within 5 inches of the salvage and should be no bigger than a US quarter, these are not considered a flaw. If there is ever a question of a flaw in this area or another area of your fabric please send us a picture of the fabric with a ruler next to the flaw. We want to be able to help and be aware of faults in our products.

In House Panels-

Our in-house panels are made after they are ordered, while we will make an effort to get them to you ASAP please know there can be a 4 to 6-week turnaround on these. The panels’ sizes may very within 1 inch of sizing. You may see a box shaped outline around your design this is a normal part of the printing process and should come out after 1 to 2 washes. If it doesn’t come out after washing please send a picture of the panel to us so we may review it ASAP. Refunds will only be issued if fabric is returned in the same condition it was received. It cannot be washed (there is an exception for box lines on panels), cut or marked up. Please note all colors may very slightly from screen to screen.

Shipping Info-
We always try to combine shipping to get you the most bang for your buck. Any overage $2 and up will be refunded to your account as shop credit. Please make sure your address is correct on your account and if using PayPal correct with them too. We are not responsible for wrong addresses and you will be charged shipping to resend any returned packages.